Ahhh, Hawaii


Trying to start Lakers Love

luckily, we tried the Sparks game first.  As much as Isaiah loves basketball in our living room, the reality of the big stadium with the Jumbo Tron, Light show, and booming speakers proved to be waaay to much.  He and Dave spent the first half of the game in the concourse.

Sparks tickets were much easier to get and much less of an investment.  Now we know we can wait a long time before we get him too involved in the Lakers Love:)


the 2(.3) year old version of the birthday suit


last year


We have captured an elusive moment

and it was cut short by Isaiah’s urgent desire to see himself on camera

[flickr video=5976333076]

Isaiah Hearts Firetrucks

We were pleasantly surprised when we went to the beach and found the Santa Monica Fire Department parked with all their vehicles. A monthly occurrence apparently.  Not only was Isaiah captivated in person, but he has since asked me to watch this video approximately 47 times.

[flickr video=5786194847]

Le Artiste

Yes Auntie Nicole, we do art.  He just hasn’t decided if he prefers skin or paper as his canvas.


Tourists in our own town

I decided to take the boy around to the tourist photo ops around our house.  These are the things I forgot to do when I lived in Seattle so I’m trying not to make the same mistake here in LA.  It was a surprisingly empty morning…

DSC05580 DSC05501 DSC05541

We’ve got counting!

You’ll have to wait for it while he cleans the park of leaves, but it’s there.

[flickr video=5460006715]

Our very own Cupid




I love that he says this.  He says it usually upon completing a task or finishing a meal.  It is priceless

[flickr video=4758340764]